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Who we are

We mix some seemingly uncommon skill sets to leverage synergies in the information technology, web, and digital media spaces while conferring maximum value to clients with our vertically integrated approach to projects. From the data center to the product photos, you get our promise of quality from end to end. In short, we’re your general contractor for the digital side of your business. We curate and collect relationships with the best talent in the industry from system administrators and programmers to photographers. So when you call us, we’ve got the best team for the job at your disposal.

Information Technology

We deploy and manage small and large scale Red Hat, Debian, and Ubuntu environments in high availability configurations, with considerable attention to security from the application layer to the physical layer. We have experience with PCI, SOX, and HIPAA compliant environments and will assist your team in achieving compliance.

We specialize in augmenting your IT department and providing “outsourced” CIO services for companies who do not require a full time IT staff, but who need full time support.

Web Development

The web is a rapidly changing landscape, and it seems like these days every street vendor you meet will give you a top notch free web site, while ad agencies and identity management companies will happily charge you six figures. We’ll help you demystify the process of creating your site so that you can make the most effective decisions for your company. Sometimes you need highly customized software, and sometimes that’s overkill. We’ll identify your needs, set expectations, and deliver a web site that fits your brand perfectly.

Digital Media

When you need eye popping imagery, we’re the place to go. From products to portraits, we work with the areas best photographers, Digital imaging technicians, and camera operators to make you stand out. With our own studio, professional gear, and creative approach we can offer you service at a level of quality that traditional agencies just can’t touch.

Our Services

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Fully Responsive

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Clean, Modern & Minimal

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Easy to Customize

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Extensive Documentation

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Our Features


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What we can do

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Sailing Club at UWM

This 501c(3) organization turned to Pauliwerks for a complete refresh of their web site. Frequent changes of leadership called for a system that was easy to maintain and train new web content editors within their organization. Pauliwerks not only hosts their data but acts as its steward.

Services Provided

  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting (highly available, web application firewall, Linux environment with ddos protection)
  • Photography


Trivera is one of Milwaukee’s most established digital branding agencies. They specialize in social media and web development for some of the areas largest businesses. They have long been a partner of Pauliwerks, especially when it comes to their large scale Linux deployment.

Services Provided

  • Augmented information technology services
  • Maintenance of large scale Linux deployment supporting hundreds of domains and email accounts.
  • Photography
  • Custom Programming


Microlaw was the first legal technology consulting firm in the country. Their industry experience and expertise are still second to none, but in 2013 after the unexpected passing of their founder, Microlaw turned to Pauliwerks to augment their IT staff, refresh their web presence, and assure their international customer base that business would continue as usual.

Services Provided

  • Augmented information technology services
  • Deployment of infrastructure at client sites
  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Copywriting
  • Photography


Our work speaks for itself.


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